Our Code of Conduct

Together with our Values, the Black Cat Syndicate Code of Conduct sits at the heart of what we do. It provides the foundation of our organisational culture, and creates a strong guiding force that points us in the right direction with our decision making, actions, and behaviours. It symbolises what we stand for, and represents how we and our people strive to conduct business the right way: ethically, lawfully, safely, and responsibly.

It’s a joint effort. We expect everyone associated with our business to take ownership of their actions, and be responsible and accountable in upholding our Code of Conduct at all times. It gives us the framework to ultimately make the right decisions and actions, that help us build trust and deliver on our promises to our stakeholders.

Our Code of Conduct is underpinned by our Corporate Governance and Responsible Mining policies, which everyone at Black Cat Syndicate is expected to comply with.

We also recognise the importance of speaking up when you see something wrong. So all our stakeholders are encouraged to raise any concerns of unethical or inappropriate behaviour, in good faith, so we can address it immediately. Our Whistle Blower Policy ensures that anyone who does so receives protection from any negative consequences—it’s all about doing the right thing for our people, the business, and our communities.

Our Whistle Blower policy

Everyone has the right to speak up at work. Our Whistle Blower Policy is designed to encourage people to report unethical, unlawful, or undesirable conduct.

If you have reasonable grounds to suspect that a person or persons connected with Black Cat Syndicate (such as a Director officer, employee, contractor, supplier, or tenderer) has acted in such a way, we support our people in coming forward.

This includes, but isn’t limited to, conduct that amounts to:

  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Victimisation or bullying

It also includes conduct that is potentially damaging to our company, its employees, or a third party, and could look like:

  • Unsafe work practices
  • Environmental damage
  • Health risks
  • Abuse of Black Cat Syndicate property or resources

For the purposes of this policy, the Board of Directors has appointed the Company Secretary, who is externally engaged by Black Cat Syndicate, Mr Dan Travers, as the Whistle Blower Officer

The Whistle Blower Officer can be contacted at:
Telephone: (08) 9316 9100 or 0421 242 278
Address Suite: 8, 7 The Esplanade, Mt Pleasant WA 1653

If the matter at hand concerns the Whistle Blower Officer, or a whistle blower doesn’t feel comfortable contacting the Officer, they should contact the Company’s Chairman, or a Non-Executive Director instead.

What we expect from our suppliers

We’re committed to partnering with suppliers who can demonstrate that they operate under similar practises as outlined in our Supply Chain Policy.


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From inception, our company has attracted a passionate and dedicated team of individuals who share our vision. Black Cat’s culture is based on an environment that not only recognises individual strengths but also nurtures their development and long term retention.