Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Our commitment

Health, safety, and wellbeing is integral to our company, and our people.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel safe coming to work, and they deserve to feel safe at work, both physically and psychologically.

We’re committed to providing an accident- and injury-free workplace, and strive to create a positive and safe workplace culture in which everyone actively contributes.

Safety is a shared responsibility

But a safe site doesn’t happen on its own. We believe health, safety, and wellbeing is a shared accountability. So anyone interacting in or with our business takes on this responsibility, too.

This means that together we all have the responsibility to identify, eliminate, and/or control workplace safety, health, and wellbeing risks and hazards. We ensure we carry out our work in a manner which doesn’t threaten the safety and health of ourselves or others.

Our Health and Safety Policy outlines our commitment to protect and promote the safety, occupational health, and wellbeing of our personnel.

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Our COVID-safe plan

We have an effective COVID-19 Management Plan in place and are closely monitoring the development and concerns around the virus.

At Black Cat, we as a team, expect our people to continually demonstrate their commitment to health, safety and wellbeing and treat all people with honesty and respect in line with our Code of Conduct and values.



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