What Guides Us

Black Cat Syndicate is a company that’s driven by its values. So, to ensure these were shared by everybody within the business, we involved our people in helping to create a Vision and Values that resonated with every one of us.

This participation has helped us shape the foundation of our organisational culture. And together, we’ve been able to create a shared understanding that will guide the future of our company and how we perform our work.



to ensure responsibility

  • We ensure the safety and wellbeing of ourselves, our people, and our community
  • We monitor our local environment and are committed to making minimal impact
  • We are responsible and accountable for all our actions


to drive action and decision-making

  • We are responsive and adaptable to change so we deliver results
  • We identify and communicate risks and devise solutions efficiently
  • We understand the challenges we face so we can maintain focus on our priorities

Innovative THINKING

to generate opportunities and develop solutions

  • We are bold and strive to go beyond the status quo
  • We encourage curiosity, creativity, and being courageous in all that we do
  • We are invested in the success of all stakeholders’ and build solutions to achieve mutual goals


to learn and grow together

  • We work together to a create an energetic, socially inclusive, and collaborative team
  • We are unique in how we operate and are committed to learning from our mistakes
  • We support and uplift each other and offer guidance where needed

Our people help shape the foundation of our Organisational culture

Our Code of Conduct

Together with our Values, the Black Cat Syndicate Code of Conduct sits at the heart of what we do. It provides the foundation of our organisational culture, and creates a strong guiding force that points us in the right direction with our decision making, actions, and behaviours. It symbolises what we stand for, and represents how we and our people strive to conduct business the right way: ethically, lawfully, safely, and responsibly.

It’s a joint effort. We expect everyone associated with our business to take ownership of their actions, and be responsible and accountable in upholding our Code of Conduct at all times. It gives us the framework to ultimately make the right decisions and actions, that help us build trust and deliver on our promises to our stakeholders.

Our Code of Conduct is underpinned by our Corporate Governance and Responsible Mining policies, which everyone at Black Cat Syndicate is expected to comply with.

We also recognise the importance of speaking up when you see something wrong. So all our stakeholders are encouraged to raise any concerns of unethical or inappropriate behaviour, in good faith, so we can address it immediately. Our Whistle Blower Policy ensures that anyone who does so receives protection from any negative consequences—it’s all about doing the right thing for our people, the business, and our communities.

Corporate Governance

Our policies

Our Corporate Governance and Responsible Mining polices define broad encompassing statements of our business intentions and commitments. They’re designed to ensure we meet our Environment, Social, and Corporate Governance requirements, and set out the legal, moral, and ethical obligations that help us act as a responsible gold mining company.