People and Culture

If our people succeed, we succeed

Honestly? We may not be the biggest. And we’re definitely not aiming for that. We’re also not aiming to be the best—just the best at what we do.

Instead, we just want to create an environment where people can feel happy to be at work. Where everyone is treated fairly, feels respected, and can contribute to the business’ success while realising their full potential.

We’re all about balance

We understand how important flexibility and work-life balance is to our people, so we endeavour to be creative in how we support this to happen.

Part of our focus is on attracting and retaining experienced and skilled talent from the communities in which we operate; people who live near our activities, who share our values and dedication to an inclusive and diverse workforce.

Read our policies

Our People Policy and Diversity Policy outlines our commitment to creating a supportive, diverse, and inclusive workplace, that empowers our people to achieve their full potential.

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At Black Cat Syndicate, our people are what’s most important to us, and we aim to be a company that people want to work for.